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And amidst the chaos, the aspiring enigma says: "Welcome to the Thinking Well. Is the laughter and crying too loud for you, friend?"

can i apologize in advance for basically everything i will ever do

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"I either eat too much I starve myself
Sleep for 14 hours or have insomniac nights
Fall in love too hard or hate passionately
I don’t know what grey is
I never did" - Not mine (via versteur)

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do you ever wanna listen to music but every song is just not the right song

"I’ll marry a man who knows how I take my tea, coffee, and alcohol
And knows when to make which." - grettypop (via grettypop)

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"For something to be beautiful it doesn’t have to be pretty." - Rei Kawakubo  (via opaqueglitter)

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"There is a meaning to every word you’ve said but not the words that was meant for me" - (via ratcxhet)

sailor moon r - episode 78

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HyunA - 어디부터 어디까지 

say H Y U N and A!